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10 Maintenance Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Spring!

It's officially spring. Time to shake off the winter and prepare for the new season. Here are 10 easy maintenance tips to help get your home ready for Spring.

1. Replace Filters: water, range hood, AC units, air vent filters. They should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on the model you have.

2. Clean Faucets and Shower Heads: use equal parts vinegar and water. If possible soak for 1 hour and rinse with warm water.

3. Clean out the Dryer Vent: a clogged dryer vet can be a fire hazard so it's especially important to get in the routine of cleaning it out. Start on the outside and remove the dryer vent cover and remove all lint from the vent line. Inside disconnect the dryer vent from the back of the dryer and use a dryer brush to remove lint from the line.

4. Air Quality: time for spring cleaning and to declutter, dust, and check for any water leaks. Open the windows and let the fresh air in.

5. Clean Foundation Vents: if your house has a crawl space under it you'll likely find the foundation vents. These vents help keep the air circulating, preventing moisture build up, and critters from coming inside. Walk along the house and make sure your foundation vents are free from debris and holes. Repair or replace if you find holes in the vent.

6. Check Smoke Detectors and CO Detectors: replace batteries if necessary. It only takes a few minutes and is vital to the safety of your family.

7. Clear the Gutters: take out the latter and garden hose. Clear away the debris with your hands and use the garden house to flush it all out.

8. Clean the Patio Furniture: get ready for your outdoor gatherings by cleaning off the patio furniture and make sure to use the proper cleaning solutions for your particular furniture.

9. Clean off the Grill: Spring and Summer is time for grilling so make sure you take the cover off and get it cleaned. Both gas and charcoal grills need regular maintenance.

10. Start Prepping your Garden: a good garden starts with good soil. Make sure to stop by your local garden center ask about which soil to buy specifically for the garden you have in mind.

Shake off all the winter blues and let the sun shine in!!! Happy Spring.

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