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Estimate Meeting To Do's

So you've spoken to a few contractors and narrowed down your favorites. Next step is to have an estimate meeting face-to-face.

Some people may not feel it necessary to meet face-to-face but it truly is important. You can either meet at your job site or a current job site of theirs. What should you expect when meeting for an estimate?

- Bring the details of your project so that pricing is as accurate as possible

- Be prepared with your budget and payment options so that you can discuss it with the contractor

- Set realistic expectations- timeframes, pricing, your vision, etc

Lastly feel out how you get a long and communicate with the contractor. Throw out the idea of going with the "lowest bid" as you get what you pay for. It's more important to feel comfortable with the company bringing your dream to life. You want to know that they understand your vision.

At the end of the day follow your gut and go with what feels right.

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